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Seaward PrimeTest 250+

The Seaward PrimeTest 250+ PAT Tester offers a perfect solution for comprehensive PAT testing with simple results download and label printing.

Accurate and reliable earth continuity testing

Features Seaward's unique zap circuit

Simple data management

Store up to 999 test records and download to a PC with a single key press.

A Seaward datalogger program is supplied as standard and this along with the single key download feature allows measurement data to be quickly and easily transferred from the PrimeTest 250+ to PC at the press of a button; whilst all records are date stamped for complete traceability.

Data is downloaded in CSV format and can be accessed by a wide range of software packages or alternatively imported directly into PATGuard 3 Elite for truly professional reports and certificates.

As with all Seaward battery powered PAT testers, accurate earth continuity tests are a given thanks to the unique patent pending "zap" circuit design.

Plug and print

Print pass and fail labels to the Test n Tag Pro printer via serial cable with no set up to further speed up your testing and labelling process.

RRP: £669+VAT

Our Price: £435+VAT

You save £234